I have heard a lot of people saying that they are sure glad Spring is here, and I am too. I just wanted to let anyone who missed our Easter Service know that it was to me one of the best Easter Sundays ever! The Lord is just so Good to us, and every year that Easter comes around I know more and more how much our Savior Jesus loves us, and the pain that he suffered for all of those He Loves!

I want to share a story that I heard a few days before or after Easter.  I really like the depth of thought that this man put into his commentary about Easter and what it should mean to Christians, so I wrote this after seeing the program and I hope that my thoughts can convey the Truth that I believe He was trying to share, I hope you like it as much as I did.

I heard a commentary about the how Jesus wept tears of blood in the garden while praying the night before He had to go to the Cross. The commentator, whose name I don't know, was saying that Jesus wasn't afraid to die, because He knew that was why He came down from Heaven. He said that, in his belief, that Jesus asked and prayed "...If this cup can be removed, but not my will, Thy will Father!"  The commentator said, "I wonder if Jesus was thinking about whether His Father would accept Him back, after All The Sin of The World Had Been Placed on Him? Jesus had to suspect that "The sin of the world," would be so ugly that God His Father would for the first time, turn his face, and look away from His Beloved Son. Not because He didn't still Love Jesus, but because Jesus "became sin", and the Father by His Pure and Perfect Nature, had to Look Away because of what Jesus represented while hanging on that Cross! Then, after Jesus bore all the Sin of The World, and took all of the punishment that was due to each and every one of us, He looked up and said, "It is Finished" and he Died! But that's not the end of the Story! On the third day, He arose from the dead, to be the "First Fruit" of the New Covenant that The Father had made through Jesus' Death, and Resurrection!

As for me, I am so Happy because of what Our Savior Jesus has done for me and all of the saints in the Church, that I believe that Easter has become my Favorite Holiday of the Year! Thank You Jesus, and as we read from Acts this past Sunday, "Help us to be Bold."

Thank You Lord, may we at Greenwood Wesleyan Church do Your Will "Boldly" and take the message of The Cross of Jesus, to The World, Amen.