Sunday October 28th, 2018 is Reformation Sunday!

Over the past several years we have celebrated the whole month of October as "Reformation Month". The Reformation was started 501 years ago, when Martin Luther ( a Catholic Monk), posted a list of his 95 thesis' of what he stated was wrong with the practices of the Catholic Church in his day.

On this coming Sunday we are again honored to be joined by Dr. Jim Fuller! Dr. Fuller (Jim) has done our Reformation Sunday Message for  the past several years. Jim is a Teacher of History, at The University of Indianapolis, and he brings us an interesting Historical Lesson, ranging from the History of Martin Luther the man, The Reformation of the Church, or some combination of how the modern "Protestant Church" arose from what Luther started so many years ago. Martin Luther has caused the "catholic church" to examine the truth of the Gospel as found in Bible Scriptures. Luther realized that in his time, that scriptures were being distorted  and had caused the Catholic Church to become a business like, money based religion, rather than preaching and believing the Good News of The Gospel of Jesus, as written in the Holy Bible.

I hope that all that are interested in how the modern "Protestant Church" arose from the separation of those who followed Martin Luther's example, and those who remain in the "Catholic Church".

I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday and hearing from Dr. Jim again this year.