Spring brings some Beautiful changes to Plants, Trees and Flowers, just as The Lord Jesus Our Creator intended! Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, and Pastor Jim is always working to keep things Fresh and New, so look for some changes and updates to be posted on our web-site!

I have  to admit that I haven't kept up on Church News very well, but with the Pastor's Help, we are going to do some changes to our format, and may go back to our original page layout that we started with several years ago. Even Old things are bound to be New to those who haven't yet seen them!

Also, Thanks for your patience. I am able to do some of the changes that we want to do, but we will have to contact Ministry Builder to be able to make changes on our "Home" page.

Just a thought for the weary. - I know that the World at times seems to be a dark and scary place, but our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is still in control of "Everything"!  He made everything! Jesus has the Power over "Life and Death", because He Died and Rose again to Life! So don't worry about anything that might happen to your flesh, because Jesus is the giver of "Eternal Life, to those who Believe in Him". Jesus Created us with three parts, the Mind, the Body and the Spirit! So, as physical, mental, and "Spiritual" beings, our Spirit has been given "The Gift of God, Eternal Life" and of that we can be certain, and in the "Peace that passes Understanding" we are able to stand!

I Pray that The Lord Jesus will watch over us all, and keep us in the Palm of His Loving and Almighty Hand, Amen. B Lane.