Ministries | Greenwood Wesleyan Church

New Program for Greenwood Wesleyan Church.

Pastor Jim is starting a New Program!

The Program for Greenwood Wesleyan Church Chaplains. These people will represent the Church and the Pastor to shut ins and some hospital visits. These are people who have the gifts to spiritually care for others, by praying with people, sharing testimony, and sharing the Word of God.

Update on the Chaplain Program!

We now have Church Chaplains, Ethelyn, Susan, and Jack! They have all completed the program that Pastor Jim proposed and now they are going to be taking on some new duties as Chaplains.

Ethelyn, has in addition to becoming a Church Chaplain, been singing in the Church Choir for several months, she also helps out with special announcements, and has become a very Welcoming person who will find her Church Chaplain job as natural as singing, greeting, and keeping track of attendance.

Susan, is a natural for the Church Chaplain position, she plays Violin in the Church Band, has taught Sunday evening services before, and is now not only the Pastor's Daughter, but is married to the son of a pastor.

Jack, has in addition to completing the Chaplain Program, been greeting people at the front doors of GWC for years, playing drums and base in the morning worship service, collected and counted the offerings, he has done so many jobs around the church, that I couldn't list them all! I would like to Thank Jack for all of the years of faithful service he has given to the Lord and to Greenwood Wesleyan Church.

Again, congratulations to all of you!