Our New Shelter is done! Pastor Jim would like to have our Sunday Morning Service next Sunday, May 24th, in our New Shelter! Service will start at 11:00am, and Pastor Jim has asked that we all wear our masks. We need to bring our own masks and hand cleaner, as the Church doesn't have any to supply for individual use. Pastor has also asked that we bring our own chair, lawn chair, or you can sit in your car if you prefer. We will be practicing social distancing, and should not be touching each other, no hand shaking, no hugging, no fist or arm bumping.....I hope I didn't miss any! Pastor Jim also said that this will be contingent on the weather for next Sunday, so keep an eye on your e-mail towards the end of the week, just in case bad weather is predicted. Pastor Jim said that we can always use Zoom in case we need to. Thanks everyone, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

May the Love of The Lord Jesus Be with you all,                                                                                                     Your Brother in Christ, Brad L.