"Made New" Rev.21:5
Greenwood Wesleyan Church 198 N. Emerson Ave.,  Greenwood,  In. 46143
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Sunday Morning Service Starts at 10:30 am
Thank you for taking the time to check us out! The Greenwood Wesleyan Church is a thriving family oriented church with a lot to offer. God is blessing us!

We believe, teach and preach that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, the only way to our heavenly Father, and our eternal home, heaven. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." John 14:6

Here at the Greenwood Wesleyan Church we love to experience God in our worship, music, prayer time, and the message that is preached. Our people are warm, caring, and friendly. We are a church where, visitors always feel welcome. The church leaders and I enjoy preaching and teaching the Word of God. We desire to know Him and make Him known to our friends, family, community, and to the world.

If you have not attended church in a while, or are new to the community, please come visit us. We welcome you!
If you have a prayer request, please call me on my cell phone (317) 502-7046. You may also call for any other  information.

Again, thank you for checking us out, we look forward to meeting you in the near future. 

In Christ, 
Pastor Jim Hughes

Greenwood Wesleyan Church

"knowing Him, and making Him known"

What is the Wesleyan Church?

The Wesleyan Church is an evangelical, Protestant denomination. We offer the good news that faith in Jesus Christ makes possible a wonderful personal relationship with God, a holy life empowered by His Spirit for witness and service, and assurance of eternal life in heaven.

What we believe:

Faith in the Trinity:
We believe in one God. We believe that there was no God before Him, nor shall there be any other God after Him. We believe He has eternally existed in three persons: The Father, The Son/Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. All three are co-equal, co-eternal, and fully God.

The Bible:
We believe that the books of the Old and New Testaments constitute the Holy Scriptures. They are the inspired and infallibly written Word of God, fully inerrant in their original manuscripts and superior to all human authority, and have been transmitted to the present without corruption of any essential doctrine. We believe that they contain all things necessary to salvation; so that whatever is not read therein, nor may be proved thereby, is not to be required of any man or woman that it should be believed as an article of faith, or be thought requisite or necessary to salvation.

God the Father:
We believe the Father is the Source of all that exists, whether of matter or spirit. With the Son and the Holy Spirit, He made man in His image. By intention He relates to people as Father, thereby forever declaring His goodwill toward them. In love, He both seeks and receives penitent sinners.

Jesus; God Almighty, the Son of God:
We believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary, truly God and truly man. He died on the cross and was buried, to be a sacrifice both for original sin and for all human transgressions, and to reconcile us to God. Christ rose bodily from the dead, and ascended into heaven, and there intercedes for us at the Father's right hand until He returns to judge all humanity at the last day.
We believe that Christ's offering of himself, once and for all, through His sufferings and meritorious death on the cross, provides the perfect redemption and atonement for the sins of the whole world, both original and actual. There is no other ground of salvation from sin but that alone.
We believe that Jesus Christ fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament concerning the Messiah.
Jesus is fully God
Jesus is the one and only mediator between God and man.
Jesus is the only way to the Father

The Holy Spirit:
We believe in the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father and the Son, and is of the same essential nature, majesty, and glory, as the Father and the Son, truly and eternally God. He is the Administrator of grace to all mankind, and is particularly the effective Agent in conviction for sin, in regeneration, in sanctification, and in glorification. He is ever present, assuring, preserving, guiding, and enabling the believer.

The Condition of Man:
We believe that humanity's creation in the image of God included ability to choose between right and wrong. Thus individuals were made morally responsible for their choices. But since the fall of Adam, people are unable in their own strength to do the right. This is due to original sin, which is not simply the following of Adam's example, but rather the corruption of the nature of each mortal, and is reproduced naturally in Adam's descendants. Because of it, humans are very far gone from original righteousness, and by nature are continually inclined to evil. They cannot of themselves even call upon God or exercise faith for salvation. But through Jesus Christ the prevenient grace of God makes possible what humans in self effort cannot do. It is bestowed freely upon all, enabling all who will to turn and be saved.

The Necessity of Rebirth for Salvation:
Jesus said that no one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again. This rebirth happens when we believe in Jesus and actively receive Him by faith.

Salvation by Faith Alone:
We believe that salvation is found in Jesus Christ only [Acts 4:12]. Salvation is by faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone, apart from our works. We believe that our "good works" merit us nothing in terms of salvation. We believe that it is impossible to enter heaven unless you have trusted in Jesus Christ alone.
We believe that although good works cannot save us from our sins or from God's judgment, they are the fruit of faith and follow after regeneration. Therefore they are pleasing and acceptable to God in Christ, and by them a living faith may be as evidently known as a tree is discerned by its fruit.

Heaven and Hell:
We believe that the Scriptures clearly teach that there is a conscious personal existence after death. The final destiny of each person is determined by God's grace and that person's response, evidenced inevitably by a moral character which results from that individual's personal and volitional choices and not from any arbitrary decree of God. Heaven with its eternal glory and the blessedness of Christ's presence is the final abode of those who choose the salvation which God provides through Jesus Christ, but hell with its everlasting misery and separation from God is the final abode of those who neglect this great salvation

The Second Coming of Christ:
We believe that Jesus Christ is coming back again in the same manner that he left and that every eye will see Him, and no one will have to be told that He has returned.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit:
We believe that the Gift of the Spirit is the Holy Spirit himself, and He is to be desired more than the gifts of the Spirit which He in His wise counsel bestows upon individual members of the Church to enable them properly to fulfill their function as members of the body of Christ. The gifts of the Spirit, although not always identifiable with natural abilities, function through them for the edification of the whole church. These gifts are to be exercised in love under the administration of the Lord of the church, not through human volition. The relative value of the gifts of the Spirit is to be tested by their usefulness in the church and not by the ecstasy produced in the ones receiving them.

The Church:
We believe that the Christian church is the entire body of believers in Jesus Christ, who is the founder and only Head of the church. The church includes both those believers who have gone to be with the Lord and those who remain on the earth, having renounced the world, the flesh and the devil, and having dedicated themselves to the work which Christ committed unto His church until He comes. The church on earth is to preach the pure Word of God, properly administer the sacraments according to Christ's instructions, and live in obedience to all that Christ commands. A local church is a body of believers formally organized on gospel principles, meeting regularly for the purposes of evangelism, nurture, fellowship and worship. The Wesleyan Church is a denomination consisting of those members within district conferences and local churches who, as members of the body of Christ, hold the faith set forth in these Articles of Religion and acknowledge the ecclesiastical authority of its governing bodies.

The Resurrection of the Dead:
We believe in the bodily resurrection from the dead of all mankind--of the just unto the resurrection of life, and of the unjust unto the resurrection of damnation. The resurrection of the righteous dead will occur at Christ's Second Coming, and the resurrection of the wicked will occur at a later time. The resurrection of Christ is the guarantee of the resurrection of those who are in Christ. The raised body will be a spiritual body, but the person will be whole and identifiable.

Greenwood Wesleyan Church
198 North Emerson Avenue
Greenwood, IN 46143